Ash Wednesday - Greg Wood

Ash Wednesday


Track List

1   37 Years
2   Everything Is OK
3   Covenant
4   Ash Wednesday
5   End of the World
6   Smashed Flat
7   Sam Kinison
8   She’ll Make a Good Memory
9   Thinking It Over
10  Coffee and Cornflakes
11  Black Leaves
12  Top of Your Box
13  Wishful Thinking

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Ash Wednesday

– by Greg Wood

With Ash Wednesday, Wood is back with a new album that picks up almost seamlessly where the “pause” button was pushed on his career when he passed out at his home in 1999 and underwent heart valve replacement surgery. After a bizarre series of post-surgical complications that caused Wood to lose a retina and his inner ear balance function, he has regained his strength and the spit-in-your-eye sass that made him one of Houston’s most respected songwriters in the ’90s.

A project originally conceived by Jesse Dayton band bassist Charlie Sanders, Jr., whose former band The Missiles covered two Wood songs, Ash Wednesday was supposed to be a small local record, a way to get Wood back into circulation, a way to test the waters with a minimum investment. It suddenly took on more importance when Dayton offered to produce and put the album out on his Stag label. For Wood, who had doubted that he would ever be involved with music again after the combined disappointments of Horseshoe coming unwound so close to making it and the disintegration of his health, Dayton showing interest was a real spirit lifter.

Source – Review by William Michael Smith, Rockzillaword

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