The Jukebox In Your Heart - Mike Stinson

The Jukebox In Your Heart

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Mike Stinson

Track List
1.  Stop The Bar
2.  Ashes I
3.  Square With The World
4.  Jukebox In Your Heart
5.  Ashes II
6.  Slip My Mind
7.  Late Great Golden State
8. Beauty Queen Eyes
9. Other Side Of The Blues
10. Ashes III
11. Walk Away
12. I Will Live To Drink Again
13. Angel Of The Evening
14. No One To Drink With
15. Ashes of a Dream

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The Jukebox in your Heart

There’s a reason Mike Stinson’s business card simply says “Honky Tonk Man.” Stinson lives and breathes this stuff. The reigning king of honky tonk in Los Angeles for years, Stinson was truly crowned when Dwight Yoakam cut “Late Great Golden State,” Stinson’s ode to the fading of the old California that he wrote in a delivery truck on the shoulder of the Golden State Freeway.

Billy Bob Thornton cut “Late Great” too, and legendary California picker Tony Gilkyson cut Stinson’s “Worthless.” Another career milestone was achieved when Stinson’s beautiful ballad “Counting My Lucky Stars” became the centerpiece of an episode of Cold Case. But ever the restless soul, Stinson packed his U-Haul and moved to Texas last year looking for fertile new musical ground. On the way to his new home in Houston, Stinson stopped off in Austin to record with Jesse Dayton and the result is Stinson’s first Texas record, The Jukebox In Your Heart.

It’s as hard-core sawdust-floor a honky tonk record as you are ever likely to hear in this age of Pro-Tools vocals and dumb-it-down co-writing sessions. As with his previous albums, Stinson wrote every word, so the album comes loaded with hard-earned pearls of tragic honky tonk wisdom you can’t pretend to know unless you know, like “if you’re gonna leave, slip my mind for me” or “when you see her stumble through the bar if she should start to fall, please reach out to steady her, it’s just the alcohol. Stinson’s “Square With the World,” which may be the most accurate and mystical feeling anyone in country music has yet set to music about the time we are living through and what life is all about, sounds like a Merle Haggard hit.

Along the way, Stinson almost single-handedly revives the drinking song with knowing tales like “Got No One To Drink With Anymore” and “I Will Live To Drink Again.” So if honky tonk is your thing, pop a cold one and put The Jukebox In Your Heart on repeat. It’s a true honky tonk record by a true honky tonk man.

With Stinson’s thoughtful compositions well supported throughout, most notably by producer Jesse Dayton (guitar) and Nathan Fleming (steel guitar), this is an enjoyable collection.

Source – Review by Robert Wooldridge Country Standard Time

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Nick, the first time I saw James in a live setting, one of my first thtohgus was of how much his physical size and mannerisms remind me of the great Hank Williams Sr…also his voice and singing style.I do suspect that James gets a bit tired of the comparison but it’s obvious to everyone, especially on first exposure to his music.

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