Tall Texas Tales 15 Album Art

Tall Texas Tales


***15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition***
Jesse Dayton –


1.  Harris County Blues
2.  Never Turned My Back on You
3.  One Year, Three Months, a Week to the Day
4.  Jumped Head First
5.  Creek Between Heaven and Hell
6.  Arkansas Chrome (Duct Tape Song)
7.  River Done Rose
8.  Angel’s Touch
9.  Beginning of the End
10. Think I’ll Go Out Tonite
11. Every Now & Then
12. The Room Full of Blues
13. Old Faithful
14. Molasses Girl
15. Black Jack

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Tall Texas Tales

***15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition***

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of the release of Jesse’s ground breaking “Tall Texas Tales,” we’ve remixed and remastered all 15 songs.  “The 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” takes the classic original and puts a spit shine on it that will blow away even the most untrained ear.

These days, it seems a rarity that my favorite “Austin-sound” artists can maintain their edge. Reckless Kelly has completely changed their style, while the Hollisters have lost their best band members (both have lost my interest).
Fortunately, Jesse Dayton seems to improve over time. While Raising Cain had been on my revolving CD playlist for the last four or so years, it has recently been displaced by his newest “Tall Texas Tales”. Jesse’s music is aptly described as edgy, progressive country. The songs’ characters and stories always keep you emotionally involved, and are supported by Jesse’s soulful voice.
Catch Jesse in concert if you can. He puts on a great show!!

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